Private VOC Maritime Night

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The Private VOC Maritiem Night is a complete arrangement with Food, Drinks and Entertainment that can be organised for you on every day to your liking for private parties from 60 up to 180 persons.  



The costs of the 4 hour lasting Private VOC  Maritime depend on the size of the group:

For 60 persons (4 crewmembers included)                            € 89,50 per person

For 90 persons (4 crewmembers included)                            € 81,50 per person

For 120 persons (5 crewmembers included)                          € 79,-   per person

If the number of your party differs from the numbers mentioned above, we will charge for every extra guest € 56,50 Food and Beverage and for every person absent we will charge an additional fee for the entertainment.

On the “Bevalligheijdt” the tables are decorated with Sourdough Bread, Nut Bread and Herbal sauce.

Successively, we will serve you the following dishes:

  • Steamed Salmon with fishroe and Creamy cheese with union in a boat
  • Bourselaers Soup
  • A variety of Meat: Roast Leg of Lamb, Chicken-Wings, Mussels, Pork-Chops and Sauerkraut with marinated Bacon, served with Medieval Potatoes and Fresh Salad.
  • Fruits of the Cape
  • Cinnamon mousse with preserved Apples
  • Coffee or Tea with a VOC Cookie

The beverage arrangement consists of an Aperitif “Ships Bitter” or “Schelvispekel”, and until the Coffee unlimited Beer on Draught, Wines, Juices and Soft drinks.

Also included are a calligraphed Menu-Card and a token of attention for the Ladies at the end of the evening.

It is possible to hire a Medieval Costume, consisting of a multicoloured Smock and a matching velvet Beret for only € 5,- per person.

All our prices are VAT inclusive. If you make a reservation, we will send you a confirmation with all details concerning the down payment, being 50% of the expected total amount. We expect the down payment within a fortnight of the date of your reservation.


Up till seven days before your reservation it is possible to make a small change in the expected number of guests attending the evening. The amount of guests you have passed on, are considered as a guaranteed number. Our conditions of reservation are registered by the chamber of commerce.