Marriage Arrangement

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Dear future Bride and Groom,

In Medieval times, getting Married was already a festive event. All the stops were pulled out to make this particular day a very special one. A tradition that is still observed in the 21st century. During your exuberant Medieval Wedding in Stadsherberg de Mol, you and your guests will go four centuries back in time.

The cosy Tavern is suitable for a reception and a small diner Party. Whilst the chickens scratch, the servants dressed in Medieval clothing serve the authentic drinks from stoneware jugs.

After that, your party will be invited in one of the function halls, where you will be seated at oak wood tables, that are decorated with Fruit and Nuts.

The candles flicker, the fireplace crackles, whilst your guests enjoy an extensive Wedding meal.

The following will all add up to an evening thou whilst not forget; Medieval clothes for your guest, a nicely calligraphed Invitation and Menu, a variety of Medieval Entertainment and a copious Meal.

Depending on your wishes and budget, the Innkeeper can make a proposal for your personal Wedding.

We advise you to make your reservation on time and we look forward meeting you!

Welcoming and Receptions

Depending on your wishes and budget, Stadsherberg de Mol offers you the following possibilities:

Welcoming: (duration of 1 hour)

  • Coffee and Tea with spicy Gingerbread pp  € 3,50
  • 2 servings Coffee or Tea with Warm Applepie pp  € 7,50
  • 2 servings Coffee or Tea with Wedding cake pp € 9,50
  • Sparkling White Wine with petit Glacé pp  € 6,00
  • Sparkling White Wine with Wedding cake pp  € 9,50
  • Bringing your own Wedding cake pp  € 2,00
  • Welcoming Drinks; spicy herbal wine Hypocras or
    Sweet Honey wine Mede pp  € 3,00

Reception: (duration of 2 hours)

  • Pretzels and a variety of Nuts pp                                                  € 1,80
  • Cheese and Sausages pp                                                              € 2,50
  • A variety of cold and hot snacks (5 pp)                                        € 6,00
  • Beer on Draught, Red and White Wine, Juices and Soft drinks    € 2,00

In addition we can provide:

  • Calligraphed Invitations, € 25,- plus per Card  € 1,50
  • Calligraphed Menu, € 10,- plus per Menu  € 1,50
  • A multicoloured Smock with a velvet Beret for your guests  € 5,00
  • For a complete Medieval costume, we would like you to go to
    Costume Rental De Wit in Den Haag, tel: 070 – 3632316 or
  • A variety of Old Dutch Games
  • Historic Walks and quests through the centre of Delft
  • Trip with Horse Wagon “Jan Plezier” or a roundtrip through de Delft Canals