Private Taveerne Tafereel

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From 30 up to 75 persons

The private “Taveerne Tafereel” is an evening with Food, Drinks and Entertainment.

The entertainment consists of a Minstrel, and a performer who act’s out two Medieval characters such as a Witch, a Hawker, a Sentry or a Jester.

It  can be organised for you on every day you wish for private parties from 25 up to 75 persons. 


The costs of attending the 3½ hour lasting private Taveerne Tafereel depend on the size of the group:

For 30 persons (1 Minstrel inclusive)                          € 92,- per person

For 60 persons (2 Minstrels inclusive)                         € 77,- per person


If the number of your party differs from the numbers mentioned above, we will charge for every extra guest € 69,- Food and Beverage and for every absent person we will charge an additional fee for the entertainment.

At the private “Taveerne Tafereel”, the tables are decorated with Fruit and a variety of Nuts.


Successively, we will serve you the following dishes:

  • Traditional Medieval Bread with Herbal sauce.
  • Chicken Pasty
  • Witches soup
  • A variety of Meat: Chicken-Wings, Leg of Rabbit, Pork-Chop and Spicy Sausages,
    served with Medieval Potatoes, Fresh Salad and Traditional Medieval Bread
  • Flippancy
  • Coffee or Tea with a sweet cinnamon Stick


The Beverage arrangement consists of an Aperitif; the spicy Herbal wine Hypocras or the sweet Honey wine Mede, and until the Coffee unlimited Beer on Draught, Wines, Juices and Soft drinks. Also included is a calligraphy Menu.

It is possible to hire a Medieval Costume, consisting of a multicoloured Smock and a matching velvet Beret for only € 5,- per person.

All our prices are VAT inclusive. If you make a reservation, we will send you a confirmation with all details concerning the down payment, being 50% of the expected total amount. We expect the down payment within a fortnight of your Party.

Up till seven days before your reservation it is possible to make a small change in the expected number of guests attending the evening. The amount of guests you have passed on, we consider as a guaranteed number. Our conditions of reservation are registered by the chamber of commerce.