Private Breughel Night

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Stadsherberg de Mol is famous for its Private Breughel Nights. This is an evening with Food, Drinks and Entertainment and can be organised on every day you prefer from groups from 30 up to 450 persons.

The Entertainment consists of one or more Minstrels.



The costs of the 4 hour lasting Private Breughel Night depend on the size of the group:

For 30 persons (1 Minstrel included)                          € 92,- per person

For 60 persons (2 Minstrels included)                        € 89,50 per person

For 90 persons (3 Minstrels included)                        € 87,- per person


If the number of your party differs from the numbers mentioned above, we will charge for every extra guest    € 71,50 Food and Beverage and for every person absent we will charge an additional fee for the entertainment.

It is possible to extend the entertainment with a Witch, a Jester, Magician, Caricaturist or Sentry.

At the Private Breughel Night, the tables are decorated with Fruit and a variety of Nuts. 

Successively, we will serve you the following dishes:

  • Traditional Medieval Bread with Herbal sauce.
  • Plate with a variety of Sausages
  • Mushroom soup
  • Sea mussels
  • A variety of Meat: Chicken, Leg of Rabbit, Meat-Stew, and roasted Ham served with
    Medieval Potatoes, Fresh Salad and Traditional Medieval Bread
  • Syllabub
  • Coffee or Tea with a sweet cinnamon Stick


The beverage arrangement consists of an Aperitif the spicy Herbal wine, Hypocras, or the sweet Honey wine, Mede, and until the Coffee and Tea unlimited Beer on Draught, Wines, Juices and Soft drinks.

Also included are a calligraphed Menu-Card and a token of attention for the Ladies at the end of the evening.

It is possible to hire a Medieval Costume, consisting of a multicoloured Smock and a matching velvet Beret for only € 5,- per person.