The Mol Mystery

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Four centuries ago the iconoclasm reached Delft. In this period of time, a precious Valuable is missing from one of the many monasteries. Recently, clues have been found in the city archive. Hopefully, these clues can lead to finding the lost Valuable.

It is up to you to find the precious Valuables by following the leads that will guide you through the loveliest places in the historic centre of Delft.  

The costs of this 2 ½ hours lasting arrangement are a basic € 155,- plus € 7,75 per attendant. After drinking a mug of Coffee or Tea with spiced Ginger Bread, the instructor gives directions and divides the party into groups of six.

It is also possible to replace the Gingerbread for Warm Apple-pie and an extra mug of Coffee or Tea for an additional € 4,25 per person. Back to Daytime Programs