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The building in which Stadsherberg de Mol is located was built in the Year of our Lord 1563. The outer walls on the ground floor are approximately half a meter thick. The structure of the building is completely made of thick wooden beams. The first and second floors are also made of wood.

The original purpose of the building was to function as an Orphanage. Later, it was used for various other purposes: as a storage of fences used for the cattle fair, carpenter's yard, and as the city's pawnshop.

Over the centuries the building has kept its Medieval atmosphere. Since 1979 the building is being used for a Medieval purpose again, because that year Stadsherberg de Mol was initiated. Since then, thousands of people have visited Stadsherberg de Mol to join one of the Medieval Theme Nights we organize.

Stadsherberg de Mol lets Medieval times revive for you !