Weeshuis Tafereel

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Weeshuis tafereel will be held on the first Friday of each Month.

 You will be received by Madame Rosa and Animator Cornelis, in other words, the Orphanage Mother, and the oldest orphan. In this old building you will hear, while stepping inside, the children still crying. Unrelently will you certainly be asked if you have a child to get rid off.

 While you are enjoying yourself with Madame Rosa and Animator Cornelis, you will taste the delicacies served at the table.You won’t be in want of anything else this evening, which is in the ambiance of the 19Th century. The century of Dickens, the cold, the ice-skates and the warmth of this Inn.

A beloved occupation during the evening is “Hurling the baby”. The sucklings will be thrown jubilant into the pram. Who wins gets a drop!

It will be quite a party in this old Orphanage! There will be singing and drinking. When you look rather slovenly, you have a chance to get shoven by our barber.. Would you dare? The story goes that the pastries’ supply grows everytime after the “close shave” of this special barber…

You and your guests will remember this lovely evening for a long, long time.

 Have a look at our Calender for the dates on which Dickens in Delft will be organized. Dickens in Delft starts at 18:30 pm and ends approximately at 22.00 pm. The price of the 3,5 hour Dickens in Delft are € 44,- per person.

Successively, we will serve the following dishes:

  • Traditional Medieval Bread with Herbal sauce
  • Pickled, Dried Meat and Fishplatter
  • Witches soup
  • A variety of Meat: Chicken, Leg of a Rabbit, and Meat-Stew served with
    jacket Potatoes, Warm Vegetables of the Season, Fresh Salad and Traditional Medieval Bread
  • Flip over the Hatch
  • Coffee or Tea with a sweet cinnamon Stick

The consumed drinks will be charged on basis of post-calculation. You can also choose for a Beverage-Arrangement à € 17,- per person. When choosing for a Beverage-Arrangement, you will enjoy, up to the coffee and tea, unlimited Beer on Draught, Wines, Soft Drinks and Juices.