The Magic Workshop

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The Magic Workshop is a 3 hour package in which you are briefly permitted the privileges of the Guild of Magicians.

Upon your arrival we will welcome you with a drink. Firstly the Magician Jannes will start with a performance in which he will show you all the wonders of the World of Magic. Next, your company will be divided into small groups. Each group will practice one or several magic tricks. The Magician Jannes will see to it that everything is performed according to the Rules of Magic.

Now all the groups are invited to show the magic tricks which they have just practised to the other guests. Finally the Magician Jannes will show you more of his magic skills.

The minimum number of guests for this package is 30 persons. The expenses of this 3 hour Magic Work Shop are (based on a number of 30 guests) € 24,50 per person. The charge for every additional guest is €8,50.Magiër Jannes

This package includes:                                                      

-Performance and instruction by the Magician Jannes

-Welcome Drink

-A cup of Coffee or Tea before leaving

-Location hire

All other drinks consumed during the Work Shop are charged afterwards. You may opt for a Drinks Package which includes all beverages (Draft Beer, Wine, Juice, Soft Drinks) from the Welcome Drink up until the Coffee.  The costs for this package are € 10,- per person.

Booking of the Magic Workshop is upon availability of the Magician Jannes.